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Are you still caged in outdated useless generic laxogenin? Why no PhytoGenin?

 PhytoGenin -
Cutting-edge phytosome technology to improve bioavailability of laxogenin to hundreds of times


An exciting new breakthrough in muscle and strength building, EffePharm PhytoGenin Laxogenin is a deep studied compound that can help you pack on the muscle and jack up your strength so you can maximize every rep and set. In fact, multiple research studies have focused on the effects of laxogenin supplementation on muscle protein synthesis, demonstrating a positive correlation between supplementation with laxogenin and the activation of Akt phosphorylation, the primary muscle-building pathway.


Although your body already produce anabolic when you apply a resistance training(RT) stimulus, a growing body of research is showing that incorporating an oral laxogenin supplement can actually result in more muscle growth and greater strength gains than with resistance training alone.

Though its great feedback on muscle synthesis, like many other steroids, laxogenin has very bad water and oil solubility as there is few hydrophilic group. According to the Biopharmaceutics Classification System, it belongs to class 4. Its oral taking bioavailability is incredible low. NMT 5% can be absorbed when oral taking, a large part of them was wasted and lead to huge load to human body. In order to solve this problem, after hundreds endeavor finally we developed Phytosome technology which solves this problem perfectly. The phytosome laxogenin was called PhytoGenin which is not only have better water solubility but also oil. The bioavailability was improved dozens to hundreds of times. You should also ensure that the cutting-edge ingredient supplies the laxogenin to help keep your blood laxogenin levels up for hours.

With the new PhytoGenin laxogenin, you get a full clinical dose of the world’s purest, most bioavailable forms of oral laxogenin from a specialized ingredient supplier that is trusted by elite athletes to deliver the most clean and potent ingredient to fuel powerful performance every time. Add this novel, groundbreaking muscle and strength-building PhytoGenin laxogenin to your supplement stack, for the muscle and serious strength gains.